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Dumping Bad Real Estate


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What if your good real estate goes bad? It’s a subject we never want to think about. After all, you buy real estate for the three benefits only real estate can give you: cash flow, appreciation and great tax breaks. But what happens if your property goes DOWN in value, not up? What happens if you lose your cash flow?

What happens if you have no choice but to dump your bad real estate?

Facing the realization that you are going to have to walk away from your real estate dream is tough enough, but then the reality of everything else sinks in.

Bad credit score. Reduced opportunity. And, then you find out you now owe taxes. Dumping Bad Real Estate tells you how to stop the tax!

Dumping Bad Real Estate discloses the secrets the rich use to walk away from bad real estate deals and not pay a penny in taxes.

In this home study course, you’ll lose the important terms and language you need to know, you’ll what forms you’re receive and what you need to do with them (and no, throwing them away is not going to help) and the one form you need to file.

Cancellation of Debt Income (COD Income) is the problem. If you have forgiveness of debt for any reason, you have COD income. How can you avoid paying tax on it?

That’s why you need Dumping Bad Real Estate. Learn how to legally pay less tax.


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