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Tax Consultation with Diane Kennedy


For a limited time, you can have a personal and private tax consultation with Diane Kennedy, CPA to successful business owners and real estate investors for over 30 years.



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There are several ways that you can have a consultation with Diane Kennedy, CPA. When you sign up for the consultation, you’ll be sent a questionnaire and set up with a secure folder. You don’t need to complete it all. However, the more information you complete, the more complete your strategy session with Diane will be.

There are several types of consultations available:

Private consultation. Private consultation. A private consultation consists of an approximately 30 min session. Prior to the consultation, Diane will have reviewed and researched your questions and developed ideas for the best tax saving strategies for you. During the consultation, Diane will review your current position and your goals with you, and chart a path to get you where you want to be, financially. Plus, of course, answer your personal tax, business and real estate investment questions. Within a day or so, you’ll receive a recording of the call (unless you choose not to have a recording made), Diane’s notes from the call, her recommendations and additional information if any was requested as part of the call.

The second call is a follow-up to help with implementation and answer additional questions that may come up after you have had a chance to more thoroughly review the strategy and start implementing the program. Schedules permitting, this second call needs to be made within 30 days of the first call.

The fee for these strategy sessions and guided implementation is $750. Sign up here

Private consultation for US TaxAid Service year-round tax clients. The private consultation consists of one 30-minute session. Because you are already a client, the implementation is much easier and there is already built-in support for the changes you choose to implement.

The fee for a private consultation with Diane, as a US TaxAid Services client, is $250. Please contact us for a private link to sign up.

Group consultation as a Coaching member. This consultation will be audiotaped and you will only be identified by a first name or an alias. Exact details such as your location and the name of your company won’t be given during the session. This is only available for coaching clients and will be held on the 4th Wednesday 5 pm session. Other than those details, the process will be the same as the other consultation programs.

The fee for the group consultation as a Coaching member is $350. Please contact us for a private link to sign up.


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