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Tax Loopholes From Your Personal Residence


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Are you tired of working hard just to write checks for all of your expenses? Your car? Your electronics? Your house? What if you can turn some of those expenses into cash generating income?

That’s what “Tax Loopholes From Your Personal Residence” is all about. It’s about turning the high cost of your home into a cash-generating tax loophole.

Make Your Home Work For You

Learn how the new rules for capital gains exclusion work when you sell your primary residence.

Is the rental income from renting your house out taxable?

What is the best strategy for your vacation home?

When it comes to your primary residence, a lot of people think the only strategy is to just write off the mortgage interest and maybe some of the property tax, but there is SO MUCH MORE you can do with your personal residence.

Learn what you can do, so you put your assets to work for you.


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