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Taxmageddon 2018


How to Brace for the Trump Tax Plan. 95 strategies, laid out clearly step-by-step!

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Brace Yourself For the Trump Tax Plan!

Imagine yourself a year from now. You just heard from your accountant about your tax return.

Is it good news or bad news?

You’re going to pay for this book one way or another. Buy “Taxmageddon 2018” right now, upfront, read it and put the strategies in place.

OR pay hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars more come tax time.

What will you choose?

In “Taxmageddon 2018: How to Brace for the Trump Tax Plan”, you’ll learn how to:

  • Save the deductions you’re about to lose on your tax return,
  • Use the one secret right now that will dramatically reduce your taxes next year,
  • Put a C Corporation in place at the right time and in the right way,
  • Use the new 20% income reduction for flow-through entities, no matter what type of business structure you have.

The IRS can’t even agree with Congress on how to implement the complicated Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. There are tricky waters here and you need an expert to help you navigate them.

When you invest in “Taxmageddon 2018” you’ll learn how to position yourself with success with 95 strategies, laid out clearly step-by-step.


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