12 Monthly Consultations Bundle

This is ONLY available for a select few! Once the group is filled, there will be no more additional spots until a client completes their program.


One year of consultations with Diane. These consultations will be 45 minutes each and will focus on any tax, financial or accounting topics you wish. They are purposely designed to be in consecutive months so that you can focus on both your tax strategy and implementation!

Over the year you’ll be able to go through several cycles of strategy, implementation & review to refine your strategies.

If your primary goal is to pay less tax

Here’s how your 12 consultation appointment schedule might look:

First, we’re going to ask for current income projections, ask questions about your current and future businesses and ask for copies of your recent tax returns.

You’ll then have your first, in depth personal consultation with Diane. Diane will prepare potential strategies to discuss and together we’ll choose the best path to achieve your goals through the easiest, quickest path. Diane will follow up in writing with the next steps needed. You can then set a date for our second appointment.

On that appointment, we’ll review the “to do” list, to see what’s left to do. Maybe you’ll want to go through the same cycle again to enhance your results. Maybe you’ll have new goals or questions. We’ll talk about those as well!

We’ll identify the steps required in the next 30 days and you’ll set a date for your third monthly appointment.

On your third consultation call, review the implementation and where you are now. How have these changes helped? Have you eliminated those things that weren’t working?

If you’re like most of our clients, there will be new things you want to do now. Maybe it’s developing better asset protection, building other streams of income, taking control of your deductions or building passive income. Together we’ll put together the next “to do” list.

The process is strategy-implementation-results-adjust and repeat.

This program is for people who are ready to systematically upgrade their business.

Normal price for consultations (depending on the time of year) is $500 – $750/ each. A year’s worth of consultation would be between $6,000 – $9,000.

BONUS! You will also receive free coaching, for these 12 months. If you’re currently a coaching member, please contact Richard when you sign up this consultation package so he can cancel the monthly coaching fee.

The price for the 12 consultation package is just $4,000. That’s about a 50% discount! You must act now. Once these spots are sold out, they are sold out. There is only so much room on Diane’s calendar for new clients.

When you buy, we’ll immediately send you a link to download a consultation questionnaire. Please provide the requested information and tell us the most pressing issues you have for your business and investing.

As soon as we get all of your information, we’ll then send you a copy of Diane’s calendar to set your appointment and get the ball rolling!

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Our Price: $4000

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