12 Months Coaching Deal

Last year, I broke a rule I’ve had for years.

The rule? I never discount my products and services.

At least, that was the rule I used to have. I broke it last year.

Spring 2020, we were facing a pretty extraordinary time. We didn’t know what was going to happen for sure, but we knew one thing.

We needed something new. And for your finances and business, you may need a whole lot of new things.

I made a special offer and now, I’m breaking the rule again. I’m going to repeat this special offer again. But it’s even better this time.

If you have a business, you’ve most likely needed to make some changes. It might mean that you needed convert your bricks and mortar business to a virtual business fast. Maybe you needed to offer products and services you never have before just so that people could access them, from the safety of their own home.

And, at the same time, we had some brand-new tax law and new stimulus programs, with rules that changed frequently. The clock is still ticking on limited time programs that you need to take advantage of now, or say good bye to forever.

What you don’t know, will cost you. The window of opportunity is closing fast. Don’t wait!

For years, I’ve offered a twice monthly coaching program at $99/month. The coaching sessions included Home Study Courses. For just $99, you received two Home Study Courses valued at $99 – $199 each and two live coaching sessions. Compared to the cost of a private consultation, it’s a killer deal, plus you get two Home Study Courses each month.

Here’s the deal!

For a limited time, I’m offering coaching for HALF price. For a little less than $594 for 12 months of coaching. Pay now and get a year’s worth of content. But there is more!

Because of the unusual times we’ve been in, I began Sustainable Digital Empires coaching twice a month in April. My online business has been a success for 21 years. I’ve had an exclusively virtual service business for 14 years. I know how to make money online and I’m going to include all that knowledge as a BONUS for my coaching members.

Module #1: Sustainable Fundamentals. How to build an online business that is SUSTAINABLE and RECURRING.

In the past year, we’ve covered Sustainable Digital Empire Fundamentals. How to build your business brand online, how to build sustainable income that shows up regularly month after month and provided lots of little tips like how to make a little change to your offer and increase your sales by a minimum of 38%.

BONUS! When you sign up for the HALF PRICE Coaching, you’ll receive the entire course, an $297 value, for free!

Module #2: Virtual Service Business. How to build an online business that provides the highest income per hour for your time, working when, where and with whom you want. Your terms. Your life.

This module is near and dear to my heart, delivering services to your clients while living and working anywhere in the world. If you currently are working with clients and customers in person, learn how to quickly and easily turn that into a virtual business. PLUS, how to market to the right people who appreciate your unique ability to get results for them that no one else can provide.

Double your time off, double your income. Isn’t that the goal we all have for the time we spend in our business?

BONUS! When you sign up for the HALF PRICE Coaching, you’ll receive the Virtual Service Business module FREE! $199 value, available free for a limited time.

Each month, there are now four coaching sessions. Two regular and two bonuses.

1st Wednesday at 5 pm Pacific: Real Estate Home Study Course to protect your assets, increase your cash flow, build your wealth and/or dramatically reduce your taxes.

2nd Wednesday at 5 pm Pacific: Bonus Sustainable Digital Empire lesson. Build your own online business on your own terms.

3rd Wednesday at 5 pm Pacific: Business Home Study Course on how to use your business to create the maximum income from all types: earned, leveraged, passive and recurring, protect your assets, create an exit strategy to get you the most amount of income possible and reduce your taxes.

HALF PRICE coaching plus all the bonuses for a limited time.

Richard and I have had successful online businesses for 21 years. In fact, our tax practice has been completely virtual for 14 years. No bricks and mortar. No direct physical presence. I guess you could say we’ve been sheltering in place for over a decade. That’s the beauty of the Digital Age. As opposed to the Agricultural and Industrial Ages before, you can work anywhere, anytime and anyway you want.

Grow a business that prospers in the good times and in the bad times. Something that has maximum flexibility you can grow and change with the market, industry and your own personal needs and wants.

And it’s a bonus included with coaching. I think this information is critical right now for so many Americans.

Plus, you can get a full year’s subscription to coaching for half price. You’ll pay just $594 for a full year. That’s half price.

There is one more important bonus!

The Sustainable Digital Empires eCommerce course started off with digital products. How to create them. How to sell them.

And the response was HUGE!

Write 28 books, according to this formula, and make $100,000 or more a year! You can make even more if you follow our upsell and down sell formula.

The hardest thing about writing a book, though, is actually writing the book. So, we’re going to have a ONE DAY virtual workshop ONLY for coaching students on Saturday, 4/24/2021. If you can’t make it, it will be recorded for you to review later. But if you can, this will be your chance to work through the problems you’re facing with your writing. What is stopping you from writing? We’re going to work on that together during this workshop.

The cost of the workshop is $297.

But for you, as a member of the coaching program, it is FREE!

AND, For a limited time, you will receive:

  • One Home Study Course on a Valuable Real Estate Tax/Asset Protection/ Accounting Topic
  • And a second Home Study Course on a Timely Business Tax/Asset Protection/ Accounting Topic
  • The Sustainable Digital Empire Fundamental course
  • The Sustainable Digital Empire Virtual Services course
  • The Sustainable Digital Empire eCommerce Business
  • Two coaching sessions per month
  • FOR A LIMITED TIME An all-day workshop focusing on getting started to Make a 6 Figure Income With Your Writing!

The sessions will be recorded so that if you miss one, you can always go back and catch up.

You’ll receive over $4,000 worth of info products and live coaching for a fraction of the regular price.

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Our Price: $594

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