7 Proven Depreciation Strategies

Real estate provides a unique tax advantage that is only available for real estate investors. The secret is depreciation.

You can legally manipulate your depreciation, speed it up, catch it up, slow it down, combine it.. the possibilities go on. Although the title of this course is “7 Proven Depreciation Strategies”, there are actually many more.
This course will reveal how the nation’s wealthiest use real estate to pay much less tax. Learn how to:

  • Use the phantom deduction of depreciation to put money in your pocket and declare a tax loss,
  • Time when and how to do a cost segregation study,
  • Avoid the big real estate tax mistakes others have made (Education is power!),
  • Prepare for a sale of real estate with a big loss or a big gain using depreciation strategies,
  • Legally avoid IRS and state challenges to your depreciation strategy, and
  • Many more!

Diane Kennedy has been the go-to CPA for successful real estate investors for many years. Learn the secrets they use to pay a whole lot less in taxes.

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