CoronaTax: Free Money! New Opportunities!

Three MASSIVE CoronaTax Bills have been signed into law.

Free Money! New Opportunities!

What you don’t know, could cost you BIG TIME!

You need this book if:

  • You’re self-employed or an independent contractor and don’t know whether you should file for unemployment, get a Paycheck Protection Plan loan or $10,000 emergency grant from SBI. Learn what you MUST DO FIRST!
  • You have employees and would love to STOP paying payroll taxes. You can if you DO THIS!
  • Your AirBnB business has crashed. Your bank’s offer of forbearance can lead to foreclosure. Yikes! Do THIS instead.
  • You would love to have TWO new, low-interest loans. It’s legal as long as you do it THIS WAY.
  • You want to turn a loan into a tax-free grant. Free money, Tax-Free!
  • Your business is ready to pivot into something new and different and you’d love a 30 year amortizable, low interest loan to do it. New Opportunities!
  • You want to turn a loss into dollars in your pocket. Loss into Money, Just Like Big Business Does.

Who needs this book? Everyone who has a business or wants one. Everyone who invests in real estate or wants to.

Does it seem like businesses get an unfair advantage? They do! If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. On your terms! In a way that supports you and your goals and dreams.

Get in on the ground floor of turning law into gold. CoronaTax: Free Money! New Opportunities!


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