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Don’t just build an Internet business. Build a Sustainable Digital Empire. A Sustainable Digital Empire lasts and prospers in good times and bad times.

Build a legacy. Start today.

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When I enrolled in Sustainable Digital Empires, I already had a thriving online business. I thought maybe I’d pick up a little something since it was written by someone on the more practical side of businesses as opposed to my side – the creative side.

It was within the first pages of the first unit that I thought to myself, “If I’d had this information before I started my business, I’d be so much further ahead right now!

Within this segment, I immediately identified the weak point that was causing my profit margin to be lower than it should be and not only did I identify it, but there was solid, simple, step-by-step advice to fix my shortcomings. I expect to put an extra $200K on the profit side this year by enacting the advice.

Kennedy disseminates information in an engaging way that captures your attention while providing actionable advice every step of the way.

If anyone was to ask me how to start a successful online business – and they often do – I would point them directly to this course. It’s a reasonable price, it doesn’t make pie-in-the-sky promises, and it’s real-world advice that anyone can apply. This is by far the best online business course I’ve ever taken – and I’ve taken many – and it’s the only one I’ll recommend in the future.”
Daisy Luther
Luther Inc.

Online Businesses Have Three Key Components:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Fulfillment
  • Administration & Management

A business starts with sales & marketing, closely followed by fulfillment. A business without fulfillment doesn’t last very long and yet 85% of online marketers do not follow through on their promises!

Fulfill on promises in a way that you create raving fans and your marketing will suddenly become easy and seamless.
Management sets the direction for the company. Build a legacy, a business that can thrive in any economic climate.

Create something of value that you can sell for hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) of dollars in just 3-5 years.

If you miss one of the critical three business pieces, your business will suffer. Sooner or later, you’re going to leave money on the table. Maybe even be forced to shut down.

A SUSTAINABLE business uses all 3 parts. That’s what you’ll learn in Sustainable Digital Empires Fundamentals.

Learn from a Veteran Internet Business Owner

Forget these newbie “internet marketers”! Learn from someone who has built and sold wildly successful online businesses for years. Up and down, growth and recession, no matter WHAT is going on in the economy or your industry, you can make money and build a business that has real value.

That’s what 21 years in an online business will teach you. How to succeed and prosper no matter what.

Take practical steps to build, grow and create passive cash flow from an online business, no matter where you are now.

Diane Kennedy. CPADiane Kennedy, CPA, business owner for 29 years, successful online business owner for 21 years, virtual service entrepreneur for 14 years. Live anywhere, work anytime.

10 Audio Lessons, 10 Written Lessons, 157 Pages, 201 Exercises

PLUS The Powerful List of 10 (10 things you MUST do to get your online business off to the right start)

Don’t have enough time to go through it all? No problem! We’ve broken it down using the 80/20 rule.

Unlimited support FOREVER for your online business through a private social media group and a secret forum.
Start Building Online

DO NOT READ THIS if you’re easily offended.

Most Internet Marketing “experts” have been in the business for less than 5 years. They only know how to make money in one type of market.

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. More tools mean more and better solutions.

Problem #1: Most “experts” don’t have enough experience to help you when you need it.
A business cycle is an average 10 years. A business can’t call itself sustainable unless it had lasted SUCCESSFULLY at least 10 years.

Problem #2: Internet Marketing “experts” only know marketing. Period.
There are 3 important parts to a business: sales & marketing, fulfillment and administration & marketing. You need all 3 or your business will eventually fail. (And maybe not so eventually.)

Problem #3: Internet Marketing courses are often WAY too expensive for the average online business owner.
You could pay $2,000, $5,000, even $7,500 with high monthly fees for a one-sided Internet Marketing course that only works in one type of market.

It’s too much for a startup. Too much cost. Too much risk.

Or less than $1,000 for ALL 5 components of Sustainable Digital Empires. That’s the Fundamental course, Virtual Services course, Physical & Digital Products course, Money from Traffic course and the Advanced course.

Learn how to make money no matter what the market is like. In pandemics. In shut downs. In other countries. YOUR terms. Your money.

PLUS, unlimited online support. FOREVER. No extra cost.

Start Here with the Sustainable Digital Empires Fundamental Course

It starts with the Sustainable Digital Empires Fundamental Course.

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Here’s what you’ll receive with the Sustainable Digital Empires Fundamental Course.

Lesson #1 What Does Your Business Do?
Such a simple question, but unless it’s something that truly feeds your soul, is something you are amazing at, something that your avatar needs or wants and that will get you paid, you’re not going to have a successful business that lasts.

Discover your ikigai.

But first, you need to completely design your customer avatar. This revolutionary program will inform your marketing, sales, branding and products, your entire business now and into the future.

Do this right, and you will have a base you can build countless number of businesses on. Sustainable Empires…plural. Limitless opportunity.

Lesson #2: Turn That Entrepreneurial Urge Into an Online Business
There are 3 ways to make money from your online business: selling services, selling products and selling traffic. We look at all of those as well as the 4 types of income, and how to use ALL of them to put recurring income in your pocket.

Less work, more money. That’s what planning Sustainable Digital Empires will get you! And there are exercises that help you discover what’s most important to you and how you can get there.

Plus, learn the one trick that will help you jump start your business with your ideal client, your customer avatar.

The purpose of this lesson is to explore more in-depth how you can make money and then turn those into real life step-by-step strategies to get you up to speed more quickly than you thought possible.

Lesson #3: Writing Your Story
If there was one lesson that will help you not just in this business and every other business or cause you support but also help you discover your life purpose, this would be it.
This lesson isn’t going to be easy and it’s not going to be fast. You’re going to dig down into the heart of your own story and find what drives you, and also discover where you can connect to the heart of your market.

It may just change your life.

Lesson #4: Making Money with Social Media
This lesson is about using social media on YOUR terms and to make money, by talking about what matters to your customer avatar.

It doesn’t mean whiling away your hours, arguing with strangers and posting cute puppy pictures.

You’ll discover the 18 topics you MUST focus on in your emails, social media posts, videos, podcasts and, of course, social media.

You’ll also have to make a decision. You can choose Plan A or Plan B when it comes to posting regularly on social media. Which will you choose?

I’ll let you in on a secret. It really doesn’t matter, just as long as your consistent.

Social media is one of the best marketing strategies there is to put money in your pocket FAST. But you have to follow this formula.

Lesson #5: The Three Steps to Cash: Traffic, Landing Pages & Sales Pages
The basic funnel strategy for online marketing is:

Traffic >> Opt-in >> Buy

Sustainable Digital Empires starts there, but then goes on to add more steps to the template that can increase your income by 20% or more and more than double the value of your company.

It all starts with traffic, free and paid. We’ve got strategies for that and then we move to the next step – the landing page.

There are 5 core elements that a successful landing page will have:

  1. An USP (unique selling proposition)
  2. A hero image or video
  3. Key benefits of your product or service
  4. Social proof
  5. CTA (call to action)

The landing page has one goal, to get visitors to opt-in to your list. More than that, you want your customer avatar to opt-in. That’s the job of the lead magnet. There’s a lesson on just the lead magnet, so you know how important that will be.

Then, it’s up to email marketing to convert your opt-in list to a sale.

There are exercises, examples of good and bad landing pages and sales pages and a lot of self-tests you can use to see how your sites are measuring up.

There is one purpose to this lesson, more sales. You get that with more traffic, more opt-in conversions and more conversion to sales.

Lesson #6: Build Your Biggest Asset: Your Opt-in List
In this chapter, we look at the practical aspects of your opt-in list. How to find the best email service providers. When and how you can legally add someone to your list. Language that you need to use on your website to keep it all legal.

Your opt-in list comprised of your customer avatar will be your single most valuable asset. It will feed a dozen businesses and that is the core of Sustainable Digital Empires.

Lesson #7: Create a Lead Magnet
Why go to all the trouble of building a landing page and creating a lead magnet? It all has to do with statistics and analysis. In short, 96% of people who visit a website are not yet ready to buy your product or service. They are, however, ready to give you their email address to get more free information.

Use the right bait to build your customer avatar opt-in list. Not only that, there are dozens of strategies that will encourage the sign-up. And that’s the point of the landing page, lead magnet and this lesson.

Get the opt-in sign-up

Then, we talk about what to do with the names, once you have them. That’s another lesson for another day.

Right now, you need a perfectly crafted lead magnet that provides value and demonstrates your expertise to your customer avatar.

Lesson #8: Email Marketing Mastery
Your email has to have a purpose. It should:

  • Gain new customers
  • Make sales
  • Receive rave reviews
  • Boost customer loyalty
  • Providing customers with information, and
  • Introduce your company and unique selling points

Just like your blogs, videos and posts, you follow the same four steps:

CTA (call to action)

What do you write about? The 18 topics you previously discovered that will bring raving fans to you site. Your customer avatar who is reading, willing and hungry for your products and services.

This is a big lesson. If you’re like most people, it’ll take you several weeks to go through it. But just one of these tricks can start money flowing into your company from people who want a long-term relationship with your company.

We have email templates, stats on WHICH email will always get opened multiple times (and how to write it for your company) and what to do if you get back any hate mail. (This can be a HUGE source of profit for you!)

All of the lessons so far have led up to this chapter. THIS is when you turn your little venture into a Sustainable Digital Empire that can be your legacy.

Lesson #9: MBA Strategies for Your Online Business
Now it’s time to look at the administration and management of your business. How do you protect the Empire you’re building? How to pay little to no taxes like the rich guys do?

I’ve built my career helping small business owners legally and ethically pay the least amount of tax possible, just like the big guys do.

Make millions and pay 10% or less? That’s absolutely possible. But only if you plan ahead.

This is the quick start method to make your business legal and protected, protected from ridiculous judgements and excess tax.

Can you build a business without this? Yes, but you’re going to work a whole lot harder. It’s like swimming against the current.

Why work so hard? Take advantage of the legal tax loopholes that online businesses can have.

Lesson #10: Hit the Ground Running
There is just one focus of this lesson. Getting you moving.

The lessons with pages of templates, examples, stats and worksheets can feel overwhelming. This is the lesson that makes it simpler.

It gets you started.

There are two strategies for step-by-step implementation. Choose one.

Then go to our private Sustainable Digital Empires help group. Find an accountability partner. Ask your questions. Share your results, good and bad.

Take one step. And then another. That’s how this works.

Build Your Sustainable Digital Empires today.

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