Tax Free Real Estate Sales

Good News? You Made Money On Your Real Estate Sale Bad News? The IRS Wants Their Cut

These are the things you need to do BEFORE the sale is closed so you pay less tax. You can set it up to pay tax later, pay tax over time or even avoid tax completely. And even if you have to pay tax now, a good tax strategy will mean you can reduce tax you DO have to pay.

Some of the strategies in Tax-Free Real Estate Sales include:

  • Primary Home Partial Rental,
  • Second Home Strategy (what you must do before you sell),
  • Gain/Loss Matching,
  • Regular Section 1031 Exchange,
  • Advanced Section 1031 Exchanges,
  • Installment Sale Income Method,
  • Trust Sales,
  • Charitable Donation, and
  • More!

We also talk about the two things you must know before you sell!

If you make money, or even if you lose money, on your real estate sale, there are strategies. Which one of these strategies can put more money in your pocket?

Tax-Free (And Almost Tax-Free) Real Estate Sales

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