Your Deduction Strategy

Strategy first!

“Strategy first!” is a good motto in life in general, but it’s essential if you want to save on taxes both now and in the future.

I had a new consultation client send me his information with one urgent question, “How can I pay less tax?” The problem is it was 9 months past the year end and he was talking about that previous year. If he’d contacted me DURING the year and before he’d done a real estate transaction in a certain way, he would have saved over $26,000 in taxes. Not just delaying the tax. Actually saving the tax, now and forever.

You can’t take the action first and then try to make a good strategy to fill in the spot. It has to be strategy first!

That’s what this Home Study Course is all about. Create a smart strategy before you dive into your real estate. Understand what’s deductible and when you should and shouldn’t take the deduction.
This one product could save you thousands of dollars in taxes and untold anxious nights!

BONUS! You will receive a recording of a recent coaching session on this subject. Listen in as I talk about the practical application of these strategies.

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