Your First Year in Real Estate

It is easy to get inundated with all of the tax and accounting requirements and information required with real estate investments.

What business structure is best? What is a real estate professional? Do we qualify? Should we? Should we do a cost segregation study? How do I do (or not do) accounting for my investments?

The Real Estate Accountant in a box has 20 modules, chock full of practical information that real estate investors need.

It can be intimidating when you’re just getting going. This Home Study Course is designed to provide info at a glance. What you need to know to keep moving forwards? There are practical steps for each of the 8 key areas a real estate investor needs to address RIGHT AWAY.

Don’t be overwhelmed will all you have to do to protect your investment and take advantage of all the tax breaks. This is the perfect guide for every first time investor or for anyone who needs to get a better foundation to find the legal tax breaks.

For just $149, you can get a quick leg up on what you need to do NOW.

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