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What happens if your tax return is wrong? At best, too much in taxes. At worst, the IRS and state coming after you relentlessly. Sweeping your bank account, ruining your credit rating and even putting liens on your property. And being saddled with crippling taxes, penalties and interest.

I’ve been a CPA focusing just on taxes for small businesses and their owners and real estate investors for over 30 years. When you contact us for tax preparation, we’ll pair you with the best CPA for your goals. That’s the benefit of working virtual. You’re working with someone who has the experience, education and point of view that best matches your own.

It’s not just your next-door neighbor.

We have 14 years of experience working only virtually. We know how to efficiently use your time to put in place the best tax strategies for your goals.

Diane Kennedy, CPA

  • New York Times® bestselling author, blowing the lid off tax loopholes the rich use
  • Nevada “Entrepreneur of the Year”
  • Online for 21 years with multiple successful businesses
  • Full-service tax practice for 29 years, completely virtual the last 14 years

What if You Use the Right Strategy At the Wrong Time?

Our new clients had a big suspended loss from his real estate. Even though he could now use real estate losses against other income, the suspended losses didn’t help.

That’s when I heard the story.

He had read a book I’d written about real estate and taxes. In the book, he learned about cost segregation studies. He asked his CPA about them, who didn’t really understand how to do one. His CPA studied (with my new client paying for his time to learn) and then calculated the amount.

He now knew HOW to do it and it “only” cost my client a few thousand of dollars. But they didn’t understand the strategy behind it.

They triggered the study on his tax return a year too early. And it wasted all the write offs.

That’s why I created the coaching course. My new client would have received the template for doing a cost segregation study for way less.

And then the next step, knowing WHEN to use the cost segregation study to reduce taxes required an experienced real estate tax preparer.

That’s why we match real estate investors with CPAs who have experience with real estate investments themselves. We match start-up business owners with CPAs who have start-up experience. Our CPAs have experience working with people just like you.

It’s not just a case of finding a CPA for your tax return. You need to find the RIGHT CPA.

We can help.



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