US Taxpayers Offshore

Are you thinking about moving yourself, your money or your business offshore? If so you’re part of a growing trend in the US: people who are thinking globally.

You can qualify to have a foreign home, and be able to avoid tax on over $199K of income, and still spend months in the US.

You can move your business offshore and pay little to no tax on the income, just like Apple, GE, Microsoft, and other big businesses do.

You protect your investments with the strongest asset protection plan offshore.

Yes, you can do all of that. Or, you could face millions of dollars in fines and up to 6 months in jail.

The difference is strategy. The US requires special filing if you, your business or your money moves offshore. It doesn’t mean you have to pay more tax, but it does mean you have to report on forms your CPA may never have heard of.

Our full service tax firm, US Tax Aid Services, has CPAs with years of experience, including a former International Tax Manager for on the multi-national Big 4 CPA firms.

If you’re planning a foreign tax strategy, your foreign contacts will help set up your foreign entities, but remember, you need a US CPA to handle the US reporting.

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